Switching blog sites.

So I have been using Blogger for my blog site rhpblog.blogspot.com and a friend mentioned that wordpress was better, so I’m giving it a test drive. If all goes well then I’ll switch over.  As for what I’m going to say who knows, I’m not a writer.  Would love to be able to write better but I sucked at English in school.  I’m more the creative type than the  intellectual type.  but I can ramble on if I have to.  I get inspired by other peoples’ Blogs and think “I can do that” until I sit down and start writing, then my mind goes blank and I give up.  So I think I’ll just post images since that is what I do and just talk about them.  HA!  Brilliant Idea!!  why didn’t I think of that.  I could post funny youtube videos and everyone will think I’m the shit.  Brilliant!! I think thats how the brits say it.

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