JJ Grey & Mofro



So if everyone is wondering who is JJ Grey?  I shot JJ Saturday night for Southern Thread clothing, for an upcoming poster. JJ is wearing Southern Thread a lot these days and we joined forces to shoot the poster.    So I got to theOgden Theater at 3:30 for a little pre show photo shoot of JJ Grey.  He was running late due to a doctors apt. where he was having his pipes checked out.  They stuck a camera down his nose and looked at his vocal cords, YUK!.  Not what I would want right before a show. Amy and another gal from Sothread got JJ all dressed up in his ST clothes and we went to work. JJ was awesome to work with, one of the nicest guys I’ve had the privilege to shoot.  He gave me all the time in the world to do what we needed. We chatted a whole bunch during  the shoot an i got to know him pretty well.  As much as you can in 2 hours.  JJ stands for John John when he was a kid and his grandma persuaded him to put JJ Grey on the albums instead of just Mofro.  Never asked what the Mofro was. So I asked him what was his sound like.  His answer was “Front Porch Soul” which I think sums it up best.

  I downloaded a few songs the day before I shot him to get an idea of what I was getting myself into. I fell in love with this song “The Sun is Shinning Down” and I mentioned it to him and he said he would throw it into the set for me. He rocks!  Go to Itunes and  download all his music, you will love it.

Love those shoes... where can i get those.
Love those shoes… where can i get those.


We shot in alley behind the Ogden and got some cool stuff with JJ. hanging out and then moved inside for some mock performance shots.
 I returned later for the show at 9 pm and he came on at 10:30 and put on a hell of show. I got some great shots. This guy can really perform.  I’ve never heard the harmonica played so good. Blues traveler has nothing on these guys. 

What an encore he put on.  I had a little influence in that department.  I’ll tell you about it later.

So thanks again to JJ Grey & Mofro for a great time and the best show I’ve been to in a long time.

3 Responses to “JJ Grey & Mofro”

  1. Rob. Some of these shots you’ve taken are outstanding. And the reviews of the show follow suit with what we hear from fans all across the country. He is such a charismatic performer and you really do get that taste of southern hospitality from him.

    When you get the pictures for the poster and all set up, I’d love to see them. I’ll touch base with JJ as well as Jesse and the guys at Madison House.

    Thanks again for helping to spread the word on this phenomenal performer and a kick ass record. JJ should be a household name.

    Josh Lindner
    Alligator Records

  2. Mick Grant Says:

    Just by chance I came across these guy’s, and am lovin’ ’em!
    I’m from Liverpool, England and was just looking for some Floridian sunshine and stumbled upon Mofro! Went out and got ‘Orange Blossoms’ and WOW!! I just love it!

  3. Richard Paddon Says:

    Fantastic shots ! We will be seeing JJ Grey and Mofro tomorrow night,8/19/09 at the Woodlawn Park Zoo, along with Susan Tedeschi. It will be the 5th time for JJ and the boys, and our 2nd show seeing Susan. We got hooked on JJ Grey&Mofro last September, got some autographed dolls, and I even won an autographed Epiphone SG electric guitar, signed by JJ. Your shots are great and truly capture the feeling, vibe, and genuine sense that one gets from not only hearing,listening, and also getting the chance to talk with JJ. He is the real deal. You are doing what I have longed to do, but have yet to get off my butt and take serious…shoot, shoot,shoot…..like you mean it. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care,
    Richard Paddon…..Seattle, Wa.

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