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Summer Livin’, Summer Lovin’

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Written by: Kristen Naylor, Rob’s Assistant

This summer has been an exciting one! We had some great shoots including a Cinch shoot in Reno, a few days in Greely shooting for Cruel Girl, a day at Devil’s Thumb Ranch for Miller Ranch and, of course, the crowd favorite: the Denver Bronco Cheerleader Calendar shoot in Cabo, Mexico! Sprinkle on the varied Ouray and Model shoots in between, and you get one busy summer!

Now that the hot days are coming to an end, and the cool fall air is slowly approaching, we are ready to amp up for a busy autumn and winter. As the trees change, Rob Hawthorne Photography is experiencing some changes as well! Rob has a new assistant/coffee getter (yours truly), and we are working to launch a new site in the near future. These are exciting times at RHP, and you won’t want to miss anything!

Reno, Nevada:


These cowboys are impressive! This particular maneuver is called “Steer Wrestling” or “Bull Doggin”. They jump off their horse to tackle the little guy!



Devil’s Thumb Ranch, Tabernash, Colorado:


Rob snagged this photo of me chasing down this dog-like calf on the ranch. We had a great time!


Ryan and Candace are always great to work with! They made the day fly by with their fun-lovin’ attitudes! Work doesn’t feel like work if you are with great people!





She is just TOO easy to photograph!


Cabo, Mexico:






We grabbed some of these behind the scenes shots from Adam. Thanks, Adam!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


And this beautiful calendar is the result of all the hard work! Great job Rob, Cheerleaders, and everyone behind the scenes! 

WinterKids and WinterWomen photo shoot

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Just wrapped up 4 days of shooting for Winterkids and  It was a lot of fun working with the staff at winterkids and all the fun models.  With over 400 kids and 250 womens jackets to shoot we were busy.  I set up a GOPRO to capture a time laps video of the shoot. Thanks to Jason Hayes for the editing on the video.  This is what it looks like.  Enjoy.

Long time no see!

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I guess it has been quite a while since writing in this blog.  I thought I would be better at doing this.  However this year is going to be different than years past.  I plan to post new images each week with a new job or project I am working on.  To start out, this week I will post photos from some of my favorite jobs from 2012.  

Recently I underwent surgery for my shoulder to repair a torn rotator cuff and I am in a sling and can’t move my arm for 6 weeks.  I am 3 weeks in now and getting bored with not being able to pick up a camera.  So I figured it was a good time to start to add to my blog again.  I am researching with some friends on how to use this word press site to better use.  

I will start with a fun shoot this summer to Cancun Mexico where I got to spend 11 days scouting locations and shooting the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders for their annual swimsuit calendar.  It was a blast to be shooting back in Mexico on the hot sandy beaches instead of shooting the calendar in Colorado.    So stay tuned for some fun photos as well as some finals that were used in the 2013 calendar.

Day 2 in Haiti part 2

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GV7W5628After visiting the church at Light and Peace Mission we headed down the road to Pastor Ronald’s Brothers school.  His name is Pastor Guerry.  He is such a great guy, I’ve known him as long as I have known Ronald.  He always has a smile on his face.  He is always happy, which is hard to understand in Haiti.  GV7W5671So the team had a lot of fun with the kids at his school and handed out a lot of toys and candy for all of them.  We dropped off a bunch of supplies for the children.  We brought simple stuff like pencils and Guerry told us that they had no pencils for the children to use.  So what a blessing for them.  Here are a few photos. GV7W5636




Dale trying to explain to the Haitians what a Canadian goose was. Looks like food to them.


We brought baseball bats and balls but they have never seen those before. They play only soccer


GV7W5648GV7W5643GV7W5650GV7W5653GV7W5656This is one of my best friends Raguel who helped us by translating for all the non creole speaking team members.  Pastor Chad spent some time talking with all the pastors who were hanging out there.  GV7W5658All the kids had a great time as so did we,  it was really nice to take some time and talk with Pastor Guerry who informed me that he had the chance to stay in Tampa but he really felt God calling him back to Haiti and has been providing or him and his family so he can help the community with this school.


Joan with Pastor Guerry and his wife Guerta


As we left the school and headed back to the bus Kung fu Chad had a bout with one of the local goats.

IMG_0396ASo from there we headed to “My Fathers House” orphanage to spend some time the 27 orphans that reside there.  This orphanage was a dream of mine when I lived in Haiti 12 years ago.  My mother became involved and picked up where I left off.  They have been renting a building for the last couple of years but will be moving into their brand new facility later this year.  I will be visiting the new building later this week.  As we arrived to the orphanage the kids were all waiting for us peeking over the wall.  GV7W5677These kids are so well taken care of and compared to where they cam from this may seem like a palace.  The kids were so happy to see us all come and hold them and love on them. The team members were so excited to be there and just play with them and share smiles.

GV7W5687GV7W5697GV7W5700GV7W5704GV7W5692We headed inside where the kids had some singing and dancing for us.  One of the songs was amazing and really touched every one of us and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the group.  Take a listen for yourself but the impact was being there and hearing it live.


IMG_0391After all the fun at the orphanage we were headed back to the hotel but on our way we passed the orphanage that I had lived at over 9 years ago.  I convinced the bus to stop so I could stop by and say hello to some of my friends.  As I got off the bus a couple of the girls who used to live there were hanging out at the gate.  They recognized me right away saying “Wobear, koman ou ye”  which is Rob, how are you?  I didn’t remember their names but they quickly reminded me.  As I went into the huge compound expecting to see a whole lot of kids that I worked with. When I lived there there were 180 kids at the orphanage.  Now when I was walking around there weren’t even one left living there from when I worked there.  That was very upsetting to me since every time I visited there were always herds of kids running up to see me.  It was very weird to be going back to my home and not any of my family there anymore.  They had a full house of kids there just none from when I lived there.  So I spent some time explaining to the team where I lived on the compound  and how the children lived there.  It was very impressive to the team since there is nothing like this all over Haiti.  It is like an oasis amongst the chaos of the rest of the country.  Sorry I didn’t take any photos while I was in there.  I was only expecting to say hi to some friends and continue on to the hotel.  When I left there I was a little heartbroken not seeing the kids I really got to know very well.  I was really upset the rest of the night.  We made it home to the hotel and had dinner and reflected on our events of the day and had a short devotion and got prepared for the next day.

Look for my next post of day 3.  One of the most impactful days of the whole trip.

Day 2 in Haiti, part 1

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Day 2 on our trip was a busy day, it started with an early wake up to do some push ups and pull ups and a quick swim in the pool to get the day started. After leaving Denver in the snow it was nice to take a quick dip in 80 degree weather. I figured I won’t be able to do that for a while in Denver with winter fast approaching so I’d better take advantage of while I can. So we started the day going to the Light and Peace Christian school that is part of the church we were working with. With 156 students the school is very busy. As you approach the church it appears to resemble a castle. It didn’t always look this way, 13 years ago when I first started coming to Haiti it was only one level and pretty primitive. Now its on its way to looking like an impressive church. GV7W5505Now its still under construction as is almost every building in Haiti, I like to call them, works in progress, as is all of us are works in progress. Once completed it will look great. The school is located down the side of the church in the back. It was great seeing all the children and having time to spend with each classroom and sharing some songs we learned in creole. GV7W5516GV7W5525GV7W5526The kids were so excited to see us. The team always brings supplies for the school and gifts for the teachers and candy for all the students. I think they are just excited to see white people since they only get to see us a couple times a year. GV7W5531GV7W5547GV7W5548GV7W5554GV7W5559We decided to have a sing off with the kids. We would sing a couple of songs for them then it was their turn and they usually kicked our butts in that contest. Well we only learned the songs that morning in creole so we were at a disadvantage. Here is a video of the team singing.

We had a lot of fun playing soccer with the kids and they schooled us in that as well.GV7W5607Part of the fun for the team was being able to meet their sponsored child. Dayspring Ministries, our own ministry here in the states has a child sponsorship program to sponsor either a child at the school or the orphanage. So it was great to see the team members being able to connect to their own sponsored child. Here are a few of the team members with their kids. GV7W5616GV7W5591GV7W5594GV7W5599It really special to see Raguel, one of my best friends down in Haiti, translating a letter from one of the team member’s daughters, which she wrote to her sponsored child and seeing the smile on her face to know she had a pen pal in the states.


I think sometimes we get more out of seeing them than they so us.  It is so nice to see Dayspring bringing hope to these kids who would normally not be going to school and they also get a full meal for all the students.  Which is huge since most of the kids will not eat everyday unless they go to the school.

GV7W5535GV7W5558GV7W5574GV7W5606GV7W5521GV7W5515GV7W5512GV7W5553GV7W5563GV7W5570GV7W5581GV7W5578Here is two of our teamates hanging out with the Haitian Police officers who were there to make sure we stayed safe.  We got to know these guys very well through out the week.  Some of the best guys to know in Haiti.  Well it is getting late and I only got through the first half of Day 2 so I will post the remainder in the upcoming days.


Day 1 of my trip to Haiti.

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Well its been a while since I have made a post so I think its time to keep you updated.  I recently went on a short term missions trip to Haiti with my church (Red Rocks Church) out of Golden.  I was so excited to return to Haiti after not going there for 2 1/2 years.  We had a team of 15 going on the trip with members from 5 different churches involved.  We had 9 going from our church alone and it also included our pastor Chad.  I was excited to be going with Chad since I am new to the church and this is a great way to get to know people there.   Well we left at 1 in the morning on Thursday Oct. 22.  We took the redeye over to New York and had a 3 hour layover till we headed down to Haiti.  Things were going well until we got to the ticket counter to check in to our flight and Dale realized he had left his passport on the plane in the seat pocket.  Now I can’t get on him too hard since I left mine on a plane once returning from Haiti, but at least mine fell out of my pocket and I didn’t just leave it in the seat pocket.  We were all very tired from packing 28 bags all 50 lbs each and flying all night.


Sara resting her head after the Red Eye to NY waiting for her luggage.

This is what 28 bags of supplies for the Haitians look like..IMG_0351We landed in Haiti and the team was happy to have warm sunshine on them since when we left Denver it was 28 degrees and snowing.  IMG_0359The airport in Haiti has come a long way in the 13 years I have been going to Haiti,  inside is finally air conditioned and Pastor Ronald our liaison in Haiti gets us right through immigration and customs.  IMG_0356After getting through the mayhem of the airport we load on a school bus and drive to our hotel.  For me it was like coming home to visit some old friends.  But for the first timers going on this trip it was a real eye opener.  They have not seen anything like this before in their lives.  GV7W6593GV7W6557GV7W6582GV7W6601I go back to when I went on my first missions trip to Haiti and all the sights and smells and thoughts going through my head.  After talking to some of them after we arrived at the hotel I quickly saw the shock on most of them. IMG_0362We unpacked and sorted all the supplies for the upcoming week.  I myself went with Ronald and friends and a teamate David Dennis to go buy supplies to build benches for a church in the mountains we were going to visit later in the week.  After the usual haggling over prices we were able to buy some wood and iron and return to the hotel.  We picked up the rest of the team and went to Pastor Ronald’s house for dinner, we were all starving since we didn’t eat since breakfast in NY.  We shouldn’t complain since most haitians go days sometimes with out eating.  We had a great meal of rice and beans and the usual fried plantains. It was nice to see all my friends there and have some good laughs together. IMG_0361 We turned in early that night since all of us we running on only a few hours of sleep.  We needed to get some sleep for a busy day at the school and orphanage tomorrow.  I’ll have a lot more photos for the rest of the trip.


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Yesterday I got to shoot this new model in town, Fallon, and we had a lot of fun.  We ventured out of the studio for a while to see what kind of interesting locations we could find for her new portfolio.  I wanted to get something different from the usual.  I wanted to do a little artistic feel to it rather than the typical model test photos.  

Model archE



8747EBack in the studio we got things a little heated up.  




One of the great things about my studio is that I’m located above an awesome antique store called Sheptons Antiques.  I have the privilege of being able to shoot in there and use the furniture as props and such.  They have this awesome bed from Indonesia which was perfect for my model.

Studio Fun!

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Yesterday was a fun day at the studio all day.  First my friend Justin Holle needed some cool shots for his Personal Training business Element 3.  He wanted to do some photos of himself for the Gym he trains at and put them on the wall as art.  So we set out to do some artistic like photos but not your traditional B/W gym or body building photos.  I guess the idea is “wow thats cool, I want him to train me” type of attitude the photos were trying to give.  So we set up some lights and I told him to pump up.  That isn’t very hard for him with like no body fat at all.  Makes us regular people look pretty bad.  So when I’m finished there will be a series of 10 photos going on the wall.  I am not sure exactly what the final photos will look like but here is a little taste of what to expect.

0006finalwebSort of looks like a MMA fighter.  We wanted to start with the tough look.



After some of the artistic ones we went into the direction of Fashion for his Modeling portfolio.  So maybe he can get the Calvin Klein campaign from these.



justin_0372webAfter that we had a little basketball fun.  I wanted to capture him flying thru the air dunking the ball.  But have the studio set as a background.  I got a couple of good ones.


I always have fun shooting Justin and he is always up for whatever I throw at him.


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Photo shoot on top of Vail pass shooting Winterkids catalog. Great day and the models were perfect. Started out at 6:30 am driving up to Vail Pass. Picked out spot and got the models ready. I think we shot over 200 outfits that day. The shots came out great and here is a test of some video from my G10 camera. Will post some of the finals and behind the scenes later.

Broncos vs. Miami

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As part of one of my perks for being the photographer who gets the privilege of shooting the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders annual swimsuit calendar, I get sideline field passes for every home game.

09_cover_bigYes I do have the best job on the planet.  I get to go to Mexico with the cheerleaders and get to be on the field with the Denver Broncos.  So this week we welcomed the Miami Dolphins to town.  We were expected to win this game but things didn’t work out as we planned.  I am there to capture some live moments of the Cheerleaders dancing and over all shots of the game.  Now Miami has no one on their team worth photographing and all of our good players are out with injuries so player photos were at a minimum.  I decided to capture some of the not so typical shots.  Being Halloween weekend their was no shortage of characters to photograph.  Like this guy hanging out in the field entrance tunnel dressed up as Jay Cutler.  Too bad the real Cutler didn’t show up for the game.19502It was a dismal performance by our beloved broncos.  Fortunately we had the mascots visiting this weekend and they provided the entertainment for the fans.  1975

milesMiles the mascot decided to drop in from atop the stadium on a cable.  That looks like fun, wish I could do that. Another of my favorite things is the fly over from the Air force.  It always gets everyone pumped when they fly over.  Such a display of power.  plane

The game started with the players entering the field and it was over on the third play of the game.

1934194019541922This is my 15 seconds of fame as the camera man zooms in on me hanging out with the girls.



2207200823032Holy Kao!  She must be happy.  Not sure why we lost that game.


seritaWell the girls were all smiles but the boss had a different expression.  Love the Shades Mr. Bolin.

19072Here are some random photos of the game. 19112003Nice Sweater Dude!! I’m sure he has been waiting for this moment his whole life.  He got the game ball before the game at opening ceremonies.  He was pumped.  

2171Even Elvis was there for the festivities.

1964I was hanging out on the Miami bench and the D line for Miami was huge.  These guys are ginormous. No wonder Jay Cutler was running for his life the whole game. If I had this guy trying to kill me I’d run too.21402163I think he was trying to keep his head from getting sunburn.

2175Here is Jay Cutler trying to decide which Miami Dolphin he was going to throw to this time.  2319I almost became this guys hood ornament as he just missed me in the end zone. A little help from his friend from behind.

See if you can recognize this little hottie from the past dancing the jig on the sidelines.  1920Of course Denver’s very own Keela Harris making her cameo appearance for the game.  Here is one of her shots from the past that I did a year ago.  Still looking good.  2755Now the highlight of the whole game was the half time show.  The Boys & Girls Club of Denver were there to play the Mascots in a game of football.  These little guys put on a better show than the pros.  No interceptions were thrown just straight up smack him in the face football.  Maybe a horse collar tackle but some great fun was had by all.23322337Can you say Face Plant!  Ouch!!2340He could go all the wayyyy234423452346Horse collar anyone?  The refs missed that one.  Nice work kid you beat a couple of birds.23562359Miles had a little fancy footwork himself for a touchdown. 23752379The ref didn’t catch this little step out of bounds so I guess that makes up for the other missed call. the kids went on to win the game and the mascots hung their heads in shame.2002

Now one of the big deals with the real game was one of the really bad calls the refs were making.  Brandon Marshall was called for offensive pass interference which brought back a 77 yard touchdown.  On the replay it was clearly not pass interference and the fans let the referee have it.  I did too on the sideline since he was right in front of me.  Probably not a good thing for me to do.  I don’t need to get kicked out of a game. But it was such a bad call and I happened to get it on film.2484No pass interference there!  Oh well.

One last photo sums up the day.  Mile wondering what happened to the Broncos.2014Thanks again for visiting rob hawthorne photography.